Youth sail training transforms lives

 An important role of the Enterprize is to deliver youth development programs, working with charities, community groups and local government (see Rotary Youth Sails below). It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a structured sail training program and develop leadership skills, resilience and confidence.

Groups of eight youths learn how to sail a tall ship, safely, over a four-day voyage; challenging themselves while building their self-esteem and self-reliance in a supportive environment. It is an intensive work and social experience.

The young crew is allocated watches under the guidance of a watch leader, four hours on and four hours off, 24 hours a day. Challenges for the trainees include:

  • moving around on the rolling, bucking, ship with spray at times flooding the decks
  • learning the names of the many ropes, lines and sails on the vessel to operate the ship
  • working together in a team obeying orders precisely to harness the power of the wind
  • climbing the rigging safely to reef and unfurl the sails; walking out on foot ropes
  • helming the vessel, reading charts, navigating, making a judgement on which sails to set to match the wind conditions.

DONATE now to support our youth sail training program. Your generosity will help us sponsor berths for young and disadvantaged people, and provide essential equipment such as harnesses, lifejackets and wet weather gear. The Enterprize is partnering with other charities and community groups to expand access to disadvantaged youth.

Please contact us for more information about our youth development program.

Rotary Youth Sailing Challenge

As part of the Rotary Club’s commitment to youth development it sponsors sail programs to optimise their potential.

Rotary students are allocated a Rotarian mentor to meet and get to know their student and be at the wharf with friends and family to see them depart and greet them on their return.

Students, their parents, mentors, and friends gather for an early morning ceremony on the wharf before the voyage commences. During their first few days on board the trainees learn the many tasks and skills involved in safely sailing a Tall Ship. On the way home, although keeping a watchful eye, the crew step back and allow the trainees to sail the vessel themselves.

On return the students make a 20 minute presentation about their experiences and what they gained from the voyage at Rotary Club meetings.

Jamie went on a four day training voyage for disadvantaged youth around Port Phillip Bay.  Jamie’s parents told Enterprize voyage crew:

“I don’t know how you did it but Jamie is a different person now.  This is a kid who would barely leave his room and now he has far more confidence in himself and he is actively looking for work.”