One of Enterprize’s primary roles is as an educational resource and a piece of living history.  Each year thousands of school students visit, learn about and sail on the ship as part of one of Enterprize’s school programs, designed to foster teamwork and leadership skills in a fun environment while learning about Melbourne’s history.

Alternating History and Sailing Sessions

Our most popular schools program, the Alternating History and Sailing Sessions balance an interactive history lesson in the Enterprize classroom involving discussion, playing out scenes, and learning about Melbourne’s early history, alongside a one-hour sail on the ship, where the students help hoist sails, steer the ship, and gain an appreciation of what Melbourne’s early settlers experienced.  Students will spend an hour on each activity in groups of 40 before the groups switch over for the second hour.

Our Alternating History and Sailing Sessions typically run for two hours, accommodating up to 80 students in two groups.  The program can be adapted to suit your school’s needs and the number of students.

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School Sails

Providing a more hands-on experience, the School Sails are entirely ship-based programs of flexible duration catering to the school’s individual requirements.

Students are shown the basics of sailing a tall ship and are actively engaged in setting the sails, working lines and steering the ship alongside the crew.  While there is no history component to these sails, the crew and master are available to answer questions and provide basic information about Enterprize and the founding of Melbourne to students throughout the sail.

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Multi-Day Voyages

For older students, a multi-day voyage within Port Phillip Bay or out in Bass Strait can make a unique school camp, provide a good team-building and leadership exercise or fulfill the requirements of an award like the Duke of Edinburgh.

Living aboard ship for up to eight days, students learn the basics of setting and dousing sails, coiling lines, helming and bow watch, as well as sharing other responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, energy and water conservation and maintaining a night watch system.  These voyages often culminate in the students taking command of the ship for a day, under the supervision of the crew, and bringing the ship back to port.

Enterprize can carry up to eight students with one accompanying teacher for these voyages.

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